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EV Car Charger Installation

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Expert Installation.
Optimal Performance.


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EV Car Charger Installation in Toronto

We offer a comprehensive and professional solution for optimal charging performance, and a commitment to compliance with local codes and safety standards.


Our expertise ensures a seamless installation of EV car chargers into existing infrastructure, providing precise sizing, strategic placement, and the use of high-quality components. This guarantees not only the safety of the installation but also the efficiency and reliability of the EV charging system. Trust in our proficiency to deliver a top-tier service that meets the unique requirements of EV owners, providing a hassle-free and long-lasting solution for all charging needs.

Trusted Guidance
From Experts Who Care

Here at Gateway Electric, we are always available to answer your questions. We know that a lot of the technical aspects involved in our industry can be confusing, and our goal is to provide you with the information you need in terms that are easy to understand. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have concerns about your current EV car charger. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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What Does the EV Charger Installation Entail?

Installing an electric vehicle (EV) car charger involves a systematic process to ensure safety and optimal performance.

  1. Site Assessment

  2. Electrical Panel Evaluation

  3. Permitting

  4. Installation of Dedicated Circuit

  5. Mounting the Charger

  6. Wiring and Connection

  7. Testing

  8. Client Orientation

  9. Final Inspection and Documents

By following these steps, we ensure a smooth and efficient installation process for your EV car charger, allowing you to enjoy convenient and reliable charging for your electric vehicle.

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